My challenge

My Challenge

Nadezhda Pandelieva

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

I had the pleasure to take part in the Erasmus+ training in London from 3.12.2018 to 8.12.2018. When I first heard the topic of the training „Finding you“ I immediately decided to apply. To be honest I didn‘t have any expectations for this project, because it was my first ever and I was not aware of how it is supposed to go. The only thing I knew was that is a big adventure, in a new surroundings with new people. Although I am person who doesn’t like changes and prefers to stay in its comfort zone I decided to take part in this project to challenge myself and see if I can handle it.

The first day everyone was reserved and was afraid to talk in front of the others, but in the next day it was the opposite. I remember in the second night one of my Italian friends said: I had the feeling I know you for years, not only two days. And he was right, for two days we learn a lot about each other and we had a lot of fun. We made up all kind of games because after 22 the night was ours. Well, the only problem was we had to wake up in 8:30 in the morning, but we got used to it.

In this project I learned a lot about me and the others, what is happening outside Bulgaria and that actually our problems are everywhere. I learn how to be more relaxed in front of new people and how not to worry about everything. My biggest concern was the language, after all I haven’t spoken it for 2 years, but it turns out again that you get used to it very fast. After all nobody speaks perfect English – the important thing is to understand each other and to be able to express what you think.

I had a month of laugh in just one week. The schedule was organized very well. We didn’t have time to go outside of the location of the project but we had so much things to do. There were constant games which required team work. This activities taught us that if we stick together we can achieve anything. The most useful thing that I learned was how to write a CV without making the common mistakes.

I was very surprised by this project and I plan to be part of many more. This is a place that takes you away from the reality and your problems and makes you forget them.

Gotse Delchev,