“Finding You”

“Finding You”

Vladimir Stamenov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

The ten days that I spent in London were some of the most unforgettable and useful ones in my life. I had the opportunity to go there a little before the beginning of the project and I could spend a weekend, merging in the local culture and lifestyle. I met a lot of new people and made lots of friends that were going to last longer my stay in the country came to an end. And here comes the moment when the most well-organized project in my life started.

The trainers were very experienced ones and all the activities during the project were funny and of great use for the participants. The aim of the things we did was to help us in our professional orienteering; to give us tips how to make a good CV, how to make an impression to our future employer and to be the applicant who makes a difference. We also managed to develop our own business ideas, learnt about the opportunities which the EU provides for the young people and especially what our role in the society is and how the things that we do affect all the people around us. I have certainly discovered a lot about the culture of the other participants, but the most important thing for me are the relationships which I managed to establish there and I am sure we will stay connected with these people in the future. These ten days that I spent in London turned me into a better person.