EVS volunteers go back to Rakitovo

On November 12 and 13 the Bulgarian Youth Forum EVS volunteers (Enric, Eyüp and Sencer) visited the Educational Boarding-School Angel Uzunov again. This institution is for children with deviant behaviour aged 13 to 18 and it is located in Rakitovo, next to Velingrad in Pazardzhik province.

On Monday 12, the first day, the volunteers organised games and workshops related with career opportunities and introduction to the labour market. They helped the boys to discover their skills, they also showed them how to create a CV and even organised some job interviews.

On Tuesday 13, the second day, they focused in health issues. They made a presentation about personal hygiene and another about healthy diet. After that kids drew different foods they would likely eat and the volunteers told them which was the healthiest option.