Game Time – or…

Game Time – or how I stopped worrying and learned to play the game

Nikola Georgiev

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

My name is Nikola and I am a software developer. My main points of interest (both professional and personal) are computer games and education. I went to the Game Time training course in Velbert aiming to learn more about educational games and improve my soft skills when it comes to facilitating groups of people.

The training course was very well organized. The trainers were professional and dedicated, the participants were friendly and interested in the subject. The diverse backgrounds we all came from created a rich educational environment where we could learn from each other. We had social workers, team building managers, teachers, software developers, therapists and many other professionals.

The activities included training sessions and interactive exercises. The trainers would open up a topic, we would discuss it and then we would put it into practice by taking part in a game or a specific interactive activity. During the course we gradually went from learning “what is an educational game” through playing and discussing existing games into designing games of our own and playing them.

The “Game Time” training was very beneficial to me. As an IT professional I design experiences for people but I hardly see them in action. We have game testers, analytical tools and all sorts of ways to collect and analyse user behaviour in a digital game but facilitating a real life action was a profoundly beneficial experience for me. It gave me a deeper understanding of player interactions, group forming and game-play flexibility. And I am looking forward to put this new know-how into practice.

What is more I learned a lot about facilitating groups of people. Throughout the whole course we were given different tasks where we had to work as a team. But we were intentionally not given any guidelines about how should we internally organize in order to solve the problem. It was great. Thank you guys for the chance to meet all these great people and learn 🙂