“Game Time”

“Game Time”

Ognyan Petkov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

Between the 17th till the 24th I took part in the project “Game time” in Velbert (Essen), Germany. The main topic was game design with the objective of creating educational games.

The first 2 days we spent on socializing, discussing what are the elements that make a game educational and building the know-how. On the third day we split into groups with people with the same interest in different social topics. My topic of interest was youth crime.

Discussions were held on the main objectives and learning outcomes which we want to achieve by creating the game. After 3 days of constant brainstorming, laying the base and the making more intricate yet simple game mechanics, we produced an amazing interactive/board game simulation. The main objective of our game was to present the different choices we make, how they affect the others, to show the various other choices we could make and how they could be influenced by social circle and family.

In the mean time we also bonded with each other, formed great friendships and learned a lot about each other. A part from meeting those amazing, enthusiastic people with passion of social work and education, I’ve obtained valuable knowledge and tools for conveying ideas in non-formal way which I will use in my future profession as a teacher.

Overall, I feel very grateful being able to take part in this training course not only because it allowed me to meet new cultures but also develop myself.