My EVS adventure

My EVS Adventure

Diana Saymenova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

After wondering whether to go or not, I went. The period of 3 months looked attractive and this opportunity popped up on my way in the exact moment. The choice was made, the interview passed and the selection in my favour. In front of me there were 3 months in Slovenia as part of the European Voluntary Service. Next step was buying the flight ticket. I was skeptical about finding direct flight from Sofia to Ljubljana. And even though there were direct flights, my skepticism was right. The experience started even prior to my arrival in Slovenia.

Couple of days before October 1st I received a mail that the flight was changed and now there was a stop in Bucharest. I arrived at the airport, passed the check in, threw some luggage and started waiting. I waited, and waited, but it passed. They said that there weren’t assigned sits and I can choose where to sit. When I got on the plane I was expecting to be empty. But in contrary it was almost full. I sit. It took off. We arrived in Bucharest. There we waited as well, and finally it took off. Short flight, only 1h 20min. It was nice apart from the waiting. Flying above the clouds and watching the beautiful nature above Europe, did its part in entertaining me.

Is there nicer feeling after all of the cacophony of the landing, accompanied by the amazing view above the foggy, looking like breathing Alps.

Briefly for short

At that moment I am EVS volunteer in project “Happy kids, Happy Europe”. The project is in the city of Ajdovščina, Slovenia. Small town, nestled in the valley of Vipava with strong wind, that here they call “storm”. My hosting organization is “Association of Friends of Youth Ajdovscina”, and exists for 65 years already.

I am here since one week and I already participated in the organisation of 3 workshops dedicated to the art of painting. The first one was for children with special needs, the second one was hosted in the local art gallery, and the third one was combined with trip to the city of Piran. I am working on presenting Bulgaria in different schools and events, organising creative workshop, establishing two clubs – one for English and one for Film art. As well I am helping in the administrative work of the organisation.

The project is with duration 3 months and 11 days. 11 days that at first glance are nothing, but due to them I needed to go to the municipality, to go to Nova Gornitsa, in order to take a residence permit.

Now after everything is arranged we are counting with the duties, but as well with the fun.