Over the Limits

Over the Limits

Velislav Kotevski

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

In the beginning of July 2018, I had the opportunity to visit Estonia, as being a part of the project “You and M&E”. I was sent as a representative there by Bulgarian Youth Forum. I was quite excited as it was my first project. Our stay in Estonia lasted about a week and it was full of many expected and not so much expected emotions. During the first days I felt some kind of fear to communicate, since I was not confident enough with my English-speaking skills, but the other people helped me adapt really fast and we started having long talks together, which sometimes lasted for hours. The days were full of unforgettable moments. On the fourth day we visited the second biggest city in Estonia- Tartu and the last day we spent in the capital Tallin. Both cities made me feel astonished of their beauty.

Not only that I found a lot of new friends in Estonia, but also I obtained a lot of new knowledge, that is going to help me in my daily work with young people. The project contained two mobilities- the first one was in Estonia and the follow-up was a seminar in Wales. After coming back home from Estonia, I was looking forward to meeting my new friends from abroad again.

At the end of the summer, in Wales, I managed to develop my knowledge and to gain more experience with my “new-old” friends, as well as together with the new participants in the project.