My Journey from Estonia to Wales

My Journey from Estonia to Wales

Maria Petrova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

Estonia is not what we think it is. It is very different than the other Scandinavian countries. Some folks don’t even recognize Estonia as a Scandinavian country. But interestingly we found Estonian people in a much warmer manner than we thought. Estonia is not a popular destination for tourists, most people considers a Post-Russian-communist country. But it is not. There we were on a training project of Monitoring and Evaluation. We were 12 countries – Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Wales, Estonia and Hungary. The very meaning of this project was how to moniture and evaluate a project, how to work for the youth in Europe, to show them how the world should work. We had an amazing time together, with lot of friends and there were even people from the US and Argentina.

So in Wales the project family was even bigger. But before Wales, we managed to go to Ireland ( amazing country, reminds me of the color green ) we arrived at the capital – Dublin. We had an amazing free tour with the most amazing Irish tour guide. After Dublin we took the plane to Cardiff we found ourselves in the UK. The greatest thing when we were in Wales was George Walk. This is an activity on which you walk on the river and around it. Here we managed to have some games and seminars on what we did in our countries. Most people were doing workshops back in their countries or a training course with activities. Ours was a game about how to write a project and how to apply. I liked Cardiff so much, especially the pubs. After Cardiff we had only 4 hour walk on London, and we almost lost the plane but with a little courage we managed to back home.