Training course and exploring in Estonia

Training course and exploring in Estonia

Brigita Nikova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

I had the pleasure to be part of a training course part of the “Erasmus+” in Estonia from 03.07.18 to 10.07.18. The training course was about monitoring and evaluation, their meaning and how to apply them.

This training course gave me the great opportunity to learn more about the processes of monitoring and evaluation of projects. They told us what the two processes are about with the help of non-formal methods of education in a funny and attractive way and taught us how to put them into practice. This is neither my first nor my second project, but I definitely found some difficulties at the beginning, which in time I managed to get rid of. The topic was new, interesting and it got me intrigued.

Except the interesting topic, the training course intrigued me with the place where it took place – Estonia. I never imagined to visit Estonia, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the country. I spent one amazing week in the nature, the quiet and the peace, which this country offers. I had the opportunity to visit the capital city-Tallinn, which also impressed me. Estonia is one lovely country, which you should visit.

Like in every other “Erasmus+” project you meet many new people from different countries. During this training course I had the chance to meet a lot of new people and experience different cultures, to make new friends and to have fun with them.

I spent one amazing week, during which I learned many new things and I enriched my knowledge, I met and I had fun with many people, with whom I can stay friends in the future.