An amazing and unforgettable experience

An Amazing and Unforgettable Experience

Ognyan Petkov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

The project “Entreprise Youth Future” was an amazing and unforgettable experience. Still at Sofia Airport, where I met Vasi, one of the other participants from Bulgaria, the good mood and the sharing of emotions and experiences started.

After 5-6 hours we arrived in Rzeszow at about 2am at night. We were met by some volunteers from the host organisation “INPRO”, who took us to the place, where we were going to stay and we immediately went to bed to have some rest. Then the morning came and  our adventure began.

 As expected, in the beginning everyone was a bit shy and reserved, but that is why the first day was ment to meet each other. While playing different games, we were able to get to know all the other participants in the project, who were from Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Bulgaria and Poland. During this week, that we spent together, I learnt not only about the other participants’ culture and traditions, but also got a multi-perspective view on many different topics. The environment, being all the time with so many different people with different stories, makes you more communicative and tollerant. The moments, which I shared with them helped us built friendships that I am sure are going to last after the project.

The programme was full of various activities with different mentors, on topics concerning entrepreneurship among youth and how it could be developped in remoted areas. All the sessions during the project lasted one hour and a half with coffee breaks between them, in order to have a rest and to think and figure out what exactly we had studied. The mentors were nice, friendly and experienced in the field. One of the days was planned with different visits to various local, social organisations, where the people working in them were telling us about the difficulties and the benefits of creating a business that is focused on the society. The whole training course contained the methods of the non-formal education which made it more interesting and interactive for us. The discussions were an inseparable moment during every session.

Another benefit of these youth projects is the opportunity that they give you the opportunity for a cultural understanding of the country. We visited not only the enterpreneurs in the area, but also Solina dam, the castle-museum in Lancut and several annual concerts in Rzeszow.

To sum up I can say that I learned a lot of new things and it was a unique experience. I strongly recommend everyone to take part in Erasmus+ project, because they really enrich, motivate and make us active citizens.