„HTML for Youth Workers“

“HTML for Youth Workers”

Kristiyan Gerchev and Sava Tashev

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

From 22.07.2018 to 29.07.2018 the teachers Kristiyan Gerchev and Sava Tashev took part in the “HTML (How To Make Lessons) for Youth Workers” training, which took place in Tbilisi, Georgia and was part of the international project “International Youth Studies” under the “Erasmus+” program. The two representatives of Bulgaria were sent by the non-governmental youth organization “Bulgarian Youth Forum”. The project was a training course for youth workers and people working with children and young people. The activities planned during the training were aimed at enhancing the skills of the participants to work with young people through the exchange of experience, information and good practices. Some frameworks for working with young people have been outlined both locally and nationally as well as internationally. Through non-formal methods, group activities, individual activities and games, the participants created materials for working with young people, theoretical and practical tools were created to serve as the basis for developing strategies for the development of possible training courses for youth workers, both in educational institutions and in various organizations involved in non-formal education. The creativity of the participants helped to develop ideas and methods for the inclusion of non-formal education in formal education. It identified the need to recognize youth workers as a key profession, fostering the development of a multitude of skills in young people, promoting information and providing access to opportunities. The Bulgarian participants did not conceal their admiration for acquaintance with Georgian culture. They had the opportunity to visit various landmarks in the capital of the host country, taste local cuisine, enjoy local folklore and establish strong contacts with other participants. The two participants shared that they would not hesitate if they had the chance to visit again Georgia.