Finish of the activities of the project “Stay aliv(E+)”

The Association “Sentire” together with the transnational partners: Turkey – Belen Kaymakamlığı, Bulgaria – Bulgarian Youth Forum, Spain – D. G. T. Spain and Italy – JumpIn announce ending of the project “Stay aliv(E+)”. This project is funded by the European Union through the “Erasmus +” Program, Key Action 1: Educational Mobility for Mobility for Youth and Youth Workers. The group of this project consisted of 45 participants – age between of 18 and 30. They participated for 10 days in various activities carried out by non-formal education methods, aiming at: develop the knowledge in first aid.

Youth Exchange Duration: 15.02-24.02.2018

Location of youth exchange: Horezu, Romania

The activities of this youth exchange took place in Horezu where the participants had a good environment for relationship and teamwork in order to learning how to give first aid measures.

Among the specific objectives of this project we can list:

O 1: At the end of the project, 45 youth people involved had improved their accident intervention skills.

O 2: At the end of the project, the 45 youth  gain new key competences. Using nonformal education methods: Public Café, meetings for working on the Guide, Living Library, Theatre, acting and games throughout the nine days of activities.

O 3: At the end of the project, 20 youth with few opportunities   involved in the project had feel socially integrated, gain confidence, and acquire key competences which will help them in their active life.

O 4: At the end of the project, each NGO involved had develop their organizational structure gaining more youth involved with new competences.

Results according to the activities carried out:

– Young people know how to use a first aid kit.

– Young people know what action to take in the event of an accident.

– Young people know what non-formal education methods are and what their purpose are.

– The young participants have designed a First Aid Guide that will be disseminated to ANPCDEFP, NGOs, volunteers and other groups.

-The 45 young people involved have the opportunity to become youth workers in their organizations.



This project was funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects only the author’s point of view, and the Commission is not responsible for the use of the information contained in this communication.