Our first project

Our first project

Maria and Elena Mihaylovi

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

For me and my sister, this was the first project we took part in because we are only 16 years old. We were pleasantly surprised by the situation and the people we met. Everyone was extremely kind and polite. We visited beautiful places, and treated ourselves with wonderful Turkish traditional food. The organizers were wonderful. They took care of us as if we were high-ranked personalities. We had the opportunity to get to know people from other cultures and religions, to practice English that we used to learn since we were children.

We were impressed when we spoke in Bulgarian between each other and we found out that the Croatian participants, with whom we became very good friends, understood us and we understood them as well. It was great, and at the same time an experience that gives you food for thought. Disabled participants were continuosly with us and participated in all activities. For the first time, we felt how many things have to be accommodated in the environment around us in order to make them feel good and provide equal access to everything that seems so easy for us to achieve.

We started thinking about how we could make the world more accessible to them… Thank you all for some of our finest 9 days. We believe that we will continue to be friends for the future.