A new world

A new world

Victoria Georgieva and Adrian Hristov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

My name is Victoria Georgieva and with my boyfriend Adrian Hristov we participated in the Manisa project: “You too turn one light on” in Turkey. We are very pleased and grateful because we have been given the opportunity to see another world, to experience the traditions of other people. We were happy, we had a great time with the rest of the participants and we would go again with great pleasure in another project.

Our group from Bulgaria was also very cheerful, as well as our dear team leader who helped us a lot. The project was for young people with disabilities, and the ones, who attended the activities with us participated equally in everything. Our Turkish facilitator, Tuba, had prepared quite well and although it was the first project for her and had no previous experience, she did very well. It was very nice to see a country and culture quite different from our homeland. The program included a visit to the city of Izmir and we were impressed by the wonderful views we were able to see there. Unlike the small and sheltered village of Turgutlu, where we were accommodated during the project, Izmir was a truly modern metropolis, as if from a radically different world.

We had the opportunity to visit a center for young people with disabilities and attend an event organized by them, together with the Turgutulu Mayor. During the activities, it was so daunting to see how local youths with different disabilities enjoy our presence, to get to know their world and understand what they dream of. We believe that this first project for us is just the beginning of many youth activities that we will take part in.