The Last Day Came

Everything has its start and end. The last day of the practicants in the 5* hotel “Xenios Anastasia Resort & Spa” in Halkidiki, Greece, came. A place filled with favorable atmosphere and good service.

“Xenios Anastasia Resort & Spa” welcomed 81 participants from three vocational high schools in Bulgaria under the project “OPIT II”, co-funded by the Erasmus+ program. The students were accompanied by their teachers during the period of the project 13.04.2018 – 26.04.2018. A timetable was drawn up for them and they had to follow it strictly. Every day they worked in different positions and performed tasks related to their studies. They presented themselves responsibly with their duties. Each of the students was provided with work clothing, which they were required to wear during their shift. The shifts were 6 hours per day and divided into morning and afternoon.

Along with the hard work for them, various workshops were prepared in which they had the opportunity to learn many different and new things. The activities were extremely well organized and very creative. And so the students could balance between pleasant and useful.

They made friends not only between themselves, but also with the staff who accepted them with a smile and taught them tips and trick for the professions they are practicing. There was a sense of harmony between everyone.

The last day came. We want everyone to put in their luggage apart from the clothes, a card or a stone, and inspiration, new skills, new friendships and positive emotions.

Written by: Vanina Grigorova, Ioanna Dimitrova, Victor Nikolov, Katrin Naidenova, Nia Krasimirova, Gabriela Nitolovska, David Evtimov, Hristiyan Chichev, Katya Belchinska.