The interviews continue really enthusiastically and today we are writing about a girl from Samokov. Her name is Diana Vasileva and she is 18 years old. She studies in 11th grade in “Vocational high school for tourism” – Samokov.

She is as well participating in the practice financed by the Erasmus + program in the 5* hotel “Xenios Anastasia Resort & Spa”in Chalkidiki, Greece in the period 13.04.2018 – 26.04.2018. She was selected for the practice after a selection process conducted in her school. Until now Diana has been on two positions in the hotel. One of them was a on the bar, and the other as a waitress. The position that attracts her more is as waitressing. She shared with us that up until now she hasn’t worked as a waitress and that she found that surprisingly she likes it.

Diana is deciding over which university is better for her but for sure she will continue in the direction of tourism.

We wish her luck and success!

In the next interview we will introduce you one sunny and hardworking girl who dreams to create her own hotel.

Gabriela is from Vratsa and studies in Vocational High School of Trading and Restaurant in the town of Vratsa. She is 17 years old and as well in 11th grade. Her field of study is wholesale and retail.

Now she is practicing in project ”OPIT II”, which will give her an opportunity to learn many new things and to continue developing her skills that she has acquired in her school until now. She works on the reception and she is very enthusiastic to reach her dream and to continue to overcome all challenges on way to the top.

She told us that after she finishes school she will continue to study Tourism in the Economic University in Varna with specialty in economy and trade. After she finishes university she will start working as an accountant before getting a more responsible position. As soon as she gathers enough money she will open her own high class hotel on the Bulgarian seaside.

Written by: Nia Krasimirova, Viktor Nikolov, Dimitar Krumov, Katya Belchinska, Vanina Grigorova, Katrin Naydenova, Yoanna Dimitrova, Stanislav Stoynev.