Going Strong

After the free day yesterday, when we got to know the local sights and had fun on the pool of the hotel, today we are on our practice again and we are interviewing our colleagues.  

With the first one we will introduce Simona Vasileva from the city of Vratsa. She studies in “Vocational High School of Trading and Restaurant” – in the city of Vratsa. Her specialty is “Catering”. During the practice in the “Xenios Anastasia Resort & Spa” she worked as a waitress in the restaurant. She chose this profession, because she loves to communicate with clients. This way she meets people from other countries and finds new friends. Her future plans are to successfully graduate and to continue studying in one of the universities of the bigger cities of Bulgaria.

Our next interview is with Vladislav Ventsislavov and who is as well from Vratsa. He studies “Preparation of culinary goods and drinks with the cook profession” in the same vocational school.

During the project “OPIT II” in Chalkidiki, Greece, he is practicing in the kitchen of the five star hotel. In the project he can try to practice everything that he has learned in school and in the same time he has the chance to learn completely new things that will help him in his future career. Vladi is very happy with the fact that he has been selected to take part in this project and that he has a chance to live through this wonderful adventure.

He will continue his education with much pleasure in the wonderful world of tourism. His choice of university is the Plovdiv University of Food Technologies. His dream is to become a professional chef in an Italian restaurant in Italy. He told us that Italy is his favorite destination.

We wish Vladi and all of the participants in the project “OPIT II” the best of luck and we encourage them to follow their dreams and to strive to achieve them, because their futures are in their own hands.

Written by: Gabriela Nitolovska, Nia Krasimirova, Vanina Grigorova, Mihail Kolarski, Vladimir Stoqnov, Katrin Naidenova, Ioanna Dimitrova, Hristiyan Chichev, Deivid Evtimov.