Close to my Dream

We interviewed Viktor Nikolov, who is from the town of Kyustendil and is 18 years old. He studies in Vocational High School of Tourism “Nikola Y. Vaptsarov ”- the city of Kyustendil. His profile is “Tourism and free time organization”. Now he practices like a cook in real working area in the 5* Hotel “Anastasia resort & Spa” from the project “OPIT ΙΙ’’. He already received many good words from the chefs in the kitchen and the hotel guests. He thinks that his enthusiasm and strong spirit will takes him to the top and will help to him to reach his dream, that is to become the best cook in the world and to have his own culinary show. When his dream comes true, he will open his own worldwide restaurant chain. With this he wants to make his parents proud of him.

Viktor is an active participant in the workshops organized form the Specialist of Bulgarian Youth Forum, connected with the work in the hotel for example: ¨Tale decoration¨ – folding napkins, “Professional serving” – serving without mistakes and many other. This is helpful for him to improve his knowledge and skills about working in the hotel from such class.

He would like to continue his education in the “Tourism” in the “Technical University” in the city of Sofia.

We will introduce you to another participant, taking part of the Erasmus+ VET project  “OPIT II”. Her name is Liliya Bangova. She lives in the city of Kyustendil as well. Lili is seventeen years old, in eleventh grade, and studies “Catering” in the same school. She is a practicant in the 5* hotel “Anastasia Resort & Spa” where she works as a bartender. She told us that she really likes the work here, because it gives her the opportunity to make a variety of cocktails and to experiments with that. Lili also told us that her favorite cocktail, that she learned to make here, is mojito. She likes it drink a lot, because it has a fresh citrus taste and a nice mint scent and that’s the reason why she thinks that this makes the cocktail perfect for hot summer days. Apart from mojito, Lili learned to make plenty of other cocktails such as margarita and daiquiri. Her practice in this hotel made her realise that bartending means a lot more to her than she expected. This is her new passion and she wants to continue studying in the tourism sector. Lili’s dream is to become the best bartender in Bulgaria and to open her own bar.