Poetry collection “Justice.” In Sozopol

On the last day of March in “Just a Hostel” – Sozopol, a poetic reading of Aleksandar Nikolov’s book “Justice” was held. The Reading was in collaboration with the guitarist Meryan Kolev (E.U.R.P.I.) and finished with the songs of the Belgian Jele Vanaker and Atanas Atanasov – Nasso.

The venue of the event allowed the artists to interact with the audience, including Belgians, locals and people from all over Bulgaria who came for the event. The communication and the “living” consensus with the audience contributed to a constructive discussion, where issues related to the foundations of art, the life of the artists and the stereotypical images that the society puts on their personalities  were discussed.

The event was initiated and organized by Bulgarian Youth Forum – Veliko Tarnovo and New Social Poetry magazine. The funds raised from sales of the poetry book and the night’s spent by visitors will be donated in support of Alexander Gayevev, diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome. Regarding this fact, it is worth mentioning that everyone who visited the event carried out  the”justice” of Aleksandar Nikolov.

Emine Sadk,