“No Online Hate” in the city of Kazanlak

“No Online Hate” in the City of Kazanlak

We, the team of Bulgarian Youth Forum, we were given the opportunity to visit the Profiled High School of Mathematics Nicolas Obreshkov of 13.03. 2018. The purpose of our visit was to inform 10-12 grade young people about the opportunities provided by the Erasmus + program and to familiarize them with the activities and ongoing campaigns of our organization, namely No Online Hate and the BYF Junior Academy.

Words are not enough to express how joyous, exciting and inspiring was for us to see a handful of young thoughtful and ambitious people who are interested to develop and do what is in their power to live all, in one a better and harmonious world.

Something that they have achieved for the time spent in their  school of choice – studying in an environment where the problem of aggression is minimized – a fact that, unfortunately only a small number of schools in the country could be proud of. By discussing the problem through forum theater and other non-formal education methods, we have learned that they not only hold the knowledge of what prevention theoretically means and how to deal with aggression,but as well that those are the  things in which they sincerely believe in and have turned them into a part of their everyday life .

We left full of positive energy, believing that life will again meet us with these nice young people and I hope they will be an example for their peers, but also for all young people in our country, and even outside of it …?

We sincerely thank the staff and the management of the school for the opportunity provided, especially to Nelina Atanasova, without whose cooperation everything that was written above would not be possible.