Ten Days – a Memory for Life!

Ten Days – a Memory for Life!

Elisaveta Velkova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

My adventure as a person for whom youth exchanges are new, started with the departure, when with completely unknown people, connected only by nationality, we left Sofia on February 15th. We immediately began to communicate freely and very quickly we were able to find common interests and to inspire each other to learn a lot of new things, to present our culture in an interesting way, and last but not least – to create some wonderful memories for a lifetime. I have to be honest that the team leader was terribly responsible for his task, and during our travel he advised us to give the best from ourselves to experience this project properly.

Since I was with my best friend, I expected to talk to her and the Bulgarian group, and on the contrary, the moment we arrived, we were surrounded by some wonderful young people who wanted to talk to us, to understand more about us, about our culture and maybe even learn some Bulgarian word. I was very pleasantly surprised that the people participants in such projects had great enthusiasm  with which they quickly infected me, and before I realized, I was already flying among the squads, acquainting with everyone. There was not even one person who refused me if I already did go and talk to them – even invited me to stay.

From organisational perspective and conducting the activities, everything was wonderful. Since the project was for first aid, most of the sessions were related to the study of ways to safe a human life. The medical section was explained in a very easy and accessible manner, and then it was also shown (on artificial dolls or people) how the first aid should be done. The other thing that helped greatly was the forum-theater, as we could experience almost completely what it is like to find a person in such a situation and then discuss and debate, ask questions, and so on. Also, the trainers were extremely friendly to everyone, and were ready to explain anything at all times, to help or simply to be good friends.

I can conclude that after these ten days I returned to Bulgaria with a second family, which I really would like to see again and at the earliest opportunity I would go back to a project of this organization because I know that there is no chance to be disapointed, on the contrary – will only create wonderful memories and will come back with more experience than before.