Christian Gerchev

„Заедно в час“

Hello, my name is Christian Gerchev. I am currently a second year teacher in the „Заедно в час“ program. I joined the “Refugees Integration vs. Discrimination” organized by the Bulgarian Youth Forum as I have positive experience with other projects funded by the European Youth Program” Erasmus + “.

I wanted to experience new emotions, meet new people, create new friends, and also learn something that I really care about. The project was about how to deal with the huge numbers of people entering Europe, fleeing warfare, poor living conditions, and so on. 

The essence of the project was related to not how we could stop the care and admission of these people, but to determine which of them really need to step on European soil, how documentary things are happening, how to improve and facilitate ways to acquire refugee status when establishing the authenticity of the need to obtain refugee status.

The organization of the project was impressive in view of the complexity of the subject and the satisfaction of the various needs of the many participants in the project. The food was very tasty and varied, consistent with all nutritional requirements and differences. The premises and rooms were clean, comfortable and pleasant to meet all needs.

The facilitators were at a very high level, and they did everything to sink into the subject matter issue, and the activities they had selected succeeded in engaging us and putting us in the right way to look at each case from different perspectives points. This gave me the opportunity to look through the eyes of many different people, to feel how they feel, what they are experiencing, and to realize the seriousness of the problem.

My project was very useful, I have experienced fruitful days that have given me a lot of material for reflection. Thanks to the organizers from BYF!