Everything is love?

Everything is love?

There are over 20 dangerous sexually transmitted infections and diseases in Bulgaria and around the world, many of which have no visible symptoms. Often infected individuals visit a health professionals when the infection has evolved and treatment is more difficult. We are connecting this topic with the World AIDS Day – December 1st, alongside launching the campaign “Everything Is Love” with the Bulgarian condom company TUXIDO in order to improve the sexual culture among young  people in Bulgaria.

On 1 of  December 2017, undergraduate and graduate students will be able to watch free movie “Everything is Love”, in the Cultural Center G8, 18.00. / Ticket office at the cinema /.

On the same day from 9:00 am in the morning, there will be placed info corner about sexual health in the lobby of the University of Library and informational technologies  – UniLIT.

Volunteers of  Bulgarian Youth Forum from around the world will offer a free information booklet, condoms and sexual health survey to the students. The campaign will run until December 8.

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