“No Online Hate” campaign presented to 18 High School “William Gladstone”

“No Online Hate” campaign  presented to 18 High School “William Gladstone”

From 6th to 12th November, 2017, Bulgarian Youth Forum`s volunteers made presentations to the high school students from 18 High School “William Gladstone” – Sofia. With the help and support of two EVS volunteers Bilyana Hristovska and Thomas Aichinger, accompanied by the founders of the “No Online Hate” campaign Kliment Ivaylo Klimentov, Virzhinia Petkova, and the new member Raya Petrova, they were enthusiastically presenting the fight against the bullying and online hating issue, common for today’s society.    

With the online contest “No Online Hate”, Bulgarian Youth Forum is supporting those young people to participate in the campaign that aims to attract the attention of the society towards the alarming tendencies of violence at school, which are most often provoked by the hate speech in Internet.

This week young people had the opportunity to be informed and to be able to find a platform to express their support on the matter.

If you want to participate in our campaign check the following link: