Teaching students from “Dr. Petar Beron” High School about addictions

Today, as part of the series of trainings under the project “Live Actively”-an initiative of Bulgarian Youth Forum and the Municipality of Kostinbrod, financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, we visited the “Dr. Petar Beron” High School in Kostinbrod. Based on the knowledge about addictions and threats nowadays, we have started a continuous lectures that aim to inform young people about the side effects from the addictions. We have elaborated the impact of alcohol consumption, smoking, gambling, using drugs and having Internet addiction on the health and social life of individuals. Using different methods like role plays and discussions, we have made the topic of our lectures more close to the students, provoking them to think critically before making a decision for using harmful substances. 

During the lectures every student received 5 educational brochures, prepared by our team, with useful information about the abuse of the presented addictions, as well as helpful phone numbers, e-mails and websites available to support  and offer services or resources.