Zornitsa Evgenieva

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

The “Respond to your NEET” project was held in Wuppertal, Germany, also known as the city with the hanging rail. This was my second training course, the second amazing adventure involving 12 countries – Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latvia and Cyprus.

What does NEET mean?

“Not in Education, Employment, or Training” or, in short, in Bulgarian – “youth inactivity”.

The aim of the project was to motivate young people to start something beneficial to them andalso to the other people. The various activities that we have been doing, in addition to giving us ideas on how to prevent youth inactivity, have helped us to find ourselves, to find out what we want from life, to develop as individuals and to be motivated to achieve our goals. We learned how to make CANVAS business model and CV-video, and at the same time we got to know each other and learned a lot about our cultures and worldviews. This experience has shown me how important is to develop both professionally and personally.

Motivate Yourself!