TC “Refugees` Integration against Discrimination”

“Refugees` Integration against Discrimination (R.I.D.)” is prepared to respond to particularly relevant for the moment topic related to the integration of beneficiaries of refugee status people on the territory of Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, Germany, Macedonia, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia specifically and other countries in Europe and Asia affected by the unprecedented, for decades in Europe refugee crisis. “R.I.D.” will be held in Belogradchik, Bulgaria between 21-29 Аugust, 2017 involving 32 youth workers from 8 countries. Each partner country will be represented by 4 youth workers experienced in the above mentioned problems.

The arrival of refugees in the EU and partner countries of the community confront many difficulties and challenges for the youth workers working with refugees. Under current treaties granted refugee or humanitarian status individuals should receive support from the country that sheltered them. It is in these processes, national governments, active NGOs and voluntary organizations will rely on the experience and competence of the youth workers. For these reasons BYF together with its partners from the countries part of the main refugee road – Cyprus, Turkey, Germany, Macedonia, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia decided to implement this project which aims to train youth workers and exchange best practices for working with young refugees to achieve their better integration into the European community.

In the course of the project will be carried out the following tasks: familiarizing youth workers with legal procedures related to the entry and residence of refugees in the EU and neighboring countries; upgrading the knowledge and communication skills in a multicultural environment and prevention of problems in cultural adaptation; exchange of best practices for social and civic involvement in working with young refugees; developing a specific methodology for integrating young refugees to European values; developing mechanisms to combat stereotyped social attitudes and different forms of discrimination in order to promote the spirit of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

By the project of our international partner team, initiated and coordinated by the BYF, we want to influence the particular needs and problems arising by the new realities faced by youth workers in their work with young people who just received refugee status. Will directly address the need for acquiring specific and certified by the “Erasmus+” knowledge to overcome the problems in working with refugees from the legal, economic, social, health, educational and cultural nature.

The project aims to develop the spirit of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, which determines the need to develop specific knowledge and skills for working with young refugees directed to respect the personality of refugee, ensuring equal access, fair attitude and assessment of individual needs. The participants in “R.I.D.” project will help to disseminate the received knowledge and to establish better methods for integrating refugees on an European level.