Belogradchik hosting youngsters in promoting civil activism!

Recognizing the international problem of low rates on civil activism Bulgarian Youth Forum (BYF) organized and implemented the youth exchange project titled “ACTIVate YOUrself” in Belogradchik from 20-28 June 2017 in the municipality of Belogradchik. Aiming to prevent this common problem BYF wanted to contribute to the activating of youth in different democratic societies. For that matter, the mayor of Belogradchik municipality on 26 June hosted youngster from 6 culturally diverse countries Macedonia, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey and Spain, giving them the opportunity to exchange experience and gain knowledge for active citizenship and inclusion of young people in democratic processes at local, national and European level. With this diverse inclusion of people from different parts of Europe, the exchange of experience and building of knowledge in the field of democratic processes and institutions will be achieved, the awareness of civic rights and responsibilities will raise as well asencouragement to identify problems and develop an approach to deal with them.