”No online hate”

With the online contest “No Online Hate” (in Bulgarian “Без Онлайнмраза”), Bulgarian Youth Forum starts a campaign that aims to attract the attention of the society towards the alarming tendecies of violence at school, which are most often provoked by the hate speech in Internet. Regarding the fact that we are an organisation, working with young people, we
think that all the citizens together are found responsible for the environment which the young people live and grow up in. That noh-baneris why this area of their life has to be safe and supportive. At the same time, the students, who tend to spend most of their time at school are the ones, who can give positive example to their classmates, objecting and categorically oposing the hate speech in Internet as a whole,  and all its reflections in the school life. Through this contest, the students will be able to express their active social position, supporting the tolerance and limiting the verbal and physical agression at school. The prizes for the winners in the contest are going to be an encouragement for their clear and prominent position and attitude towards one of the serious problems in our society.

With the current campaign Bulgarian Youth Forum claims its support and wants to popularise the No Hate Speech Movement on local and international level. It is initiated and led by the European Council and is against the rude and abusive language and hate speech in all their shapes, including the ones that mostly affect the young people nowadays, regarding the cyber fraud and cyber hate. The campaign is focused on an educational training about the human rights, the youth participation and media literacy. Its aim is to limit the abusive language and hate speech, prevention of the racism and discrimination in all their online forms. The official webpage of the movement: www.nohatespeechmovement.org/campaign.

For more information and the terms of participation, please, visit the official website of the contest: nonlinehate.еu.