Meeting of the participants in the project “YES!” with the regional government of Vidin

Deputy regional governor Albena Georgieva welcomed a group of young people from 6 European countries


Source: Regional Administration – Vidin

The young people presented the programme for youth entrepreneurship, which they are working on in Vidin region.

Deputy regional governor of Vidin Albena Georgieva met today with young people working on a programme for youth exchanges and entrepreneurship in the Vidin region. The meeting was attended by 30 young people and their leaders from United Kingdom, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. They presented their activities being partners in the project “Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit (YES!)”. The project is implemented by “Bulgarian Youth Forum” with the financial support of the European Commission. “I welcome any initiative that encourages active public life of young people and helps to fight youth unemployment,” said Albena Georgieva. She pointed out that in 2015  further 1 billion euro will be provided to countries members of the European Union to create jobs for 650,000 young people.  Deputy regional governor presented the opportunities for inclusion in the labor market, which are offered by national and European programs for training and employment of young people up to 29 years.

“We are working on youth projects across the country, as we focus on Northwestern Bulgaria. The participants are mainly young people from Vidin, Belogradchik and Chuprene. The main objective is to support the active and ambitious young people to develop and realize their ideas, ” said the chairman of the “Bulgarian Youth Forum” Bozhidar Tsvetkov. He pointed out as main activity the youth exchange of good practices and culture between European partners and the training of professionals working with young people.

Vulnerable groups of young people with social, economic and health problems, and those living in deprived rural areas are included with priority in the project “YES!”. In municipalities Chuprene and Belogradchik activities are focused on the promotion of youth potential for entrepreneurship and self-employment.