„Cap it all off! Diversity beyond trapped barriers”

„Cap it all off! Diversity beyond trapped barriers – the 2nd edition”, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina,


\Under “Youth in Action” Programme\

The aims of the project “Cap it all off! Diversity beyond trapped barriers – The 2nd Edition” were to deepen the experiences made, to pick up those blank spaces which couldn´t be worked out during the previous project and finally to reach a wider circle of Youth NGOs, active in the field of intercultural youth work. Taking into consideration that contact between people from different cultures does not automatically lead to improved mutual understanding and that many people feel unable to cope with or even threatened by the presence of persons with customs and habits rooted in other cultures, the TC aimed to strengthen the intercultural competences of youth workers within Europe by challenging typical approaches of intercultural learning within youth work in regard to qualification requirements of youth workers involved and to what and how young people should be taught within the context of intercultural youth work. Therefore the participants of the project faceа during the Training Course three main priority learning areas for intercultural learning processes as perception structures, social attitudes and the resulting types of behavior; understanding that the overall aim of any initial or future projects must be intercultural learning – as a principle for the learning processes within these activities themselves and as the general objective of European youth work. The project took place in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina from 19.-28.10.2012 with participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Albania, Poland, and Croatia. Representative of Bulgarian Youth Forum was Aleksandar Valkodinov.