“Stable Art Movies” project was one memorable experience…”

““Stable Art Movies” project was one memorable experience…”

Stoyan Irchev

\Bulgarian Youth Forum\

Being accepted for the “Stable Art Movies” project which was held in Bechstedt was a really great opportunity for me to broaden my horizons and to change the perspective through which I was looking at the world. There were participants from 3 other European countries, with cultures as different as they could get in our continent, thus making the whole intercultural experience really palatable, pleasant and memorable. The created international team was surrounded by an atmosphere of friendship and creativity. All of this creativity and the understanding between the participants helped us to complete the project successfully, and gave us, as the representatives of Bulgaria, a valuable insight and appreciations about the cultures of Portugal, Germany and Latvia.

Our stay in Bechstedt, really helped us to experience the life of an ordinary German family life and the sense of community that could be felt throughout the village. The beautiful forests and the nature trails surrounding the village were a perfect setting for some of our movies and the best place to spend an afternoon just walking in the forest. 

Thanks to the efforts of the German team, we were able to benefit from the experience of professional in the sphere of movie making and cinematography and given the privilege to use professional equipment.

Overall the “Stable Art Movies” project was one memorable experience for every participant that managed to bring is closer together.