My impressions: “Stable Art Movies”, Bechstedt

My impressions: “Stable Art Movies”, Bechstedt

Nadejda Miteva

\Bulgarian Youth Forum\

Going to Bechstedt to do the “Stable Art Movies” project was a great opportunity to enrich my intercultural communication skills. There I met people from Latvia, Portugal and, of course, Germany. The choice to include these countries was really good, because we are very different and yet during the project we discovered we are so alike.We managed to create a perfectly friendly environment which helped us to complete with the project successfully. We got to know each other in the process and we put the beginning of, I think, lasting friendships and strong intercultural relationships. That way we are bringing our countries closer together and we are strengthening Europe.

The stay in Bechstedt offered us the possibility to join in and live with a typical German family in their country house. We were close to Nature, which meant we could relax and enjoy fresh air while working.

The fact that the German team had found professional moviemakers and professional equipment was a great plus for the project, because that way we were able to get a more realistic feel of the moviemaking process.