“Make Your Own Way” in Kayseri, Turkey

“Make Your Own Way” in Kayseri, Turkey

Georgi Zahariev

\Bulgarian Youth Forum\

To find your own way in life is not that easy, but it is worth trying! That was the aim of the project in which I was a participant. The project held in Kayseri, Turkey from 18.10.2012 to 24.10.2012 and it was funded by the program “Youth in Action”. I was very happy to be meet different people from 7 European countries – Turkey, Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and of course – Bulgaria. During the 6 days training we had the opportunity to share experience about out government policy for young entrepreneurship and youth unemployment. In the context of the global economic crisis this question is really important not only for Bulgaria, but also for entire Europe and the world.

During all the activities we were learning from each other in an informal way and we reached to different conclusions together. That’s why the activities were really successful. All the participants of the project managed to create a “Globalization dictionary” in which we defined and discussed different topics like youth policy, unemployment between young people, government decisions connected with the future of European youth and etc.

The activities were really various and interesting. One of them was a training for entrepreneurship. We were divided to groups and each group had to think about a non existing product on the market and to explain how will conquer the global trade market with it. That was the way that the project improved my creativity and rationality. During this training I heard many interesting ideas which have the potential to be realized by young and ambitious people, to whom we – the organization of Bulgarian Youth Forum try to give tribune and different opportunities. Especially important event during the project was the last day in Kayseri when we all had to make a presentation about the opportunities in our countries for youth entrepreneurs. After the Bulgarian presentation there were many suggestions which may be very useful for our national policy towards the youth. I truly believe that the other presentations were beneficially for all the Bulgarian participants, because we heard about many positive practices that we can use in Bulgaria and whole Europe.

This training completely proved my trust in European youth. I saw that in Europe there are many young, intelligent and inspiring people who have their own ideas and posses the needed knowledge and information to find the right way for turning them into reality.

And in the end all I can say is that I made my own way in Kayseri!