”Yes, we can change the world!”

“Yes, we can change the world!”

           Aleksandar Valkodinov

         \Bulgarian Youth Forum\

The second part of the project “Cap it all off! Diversity beyond trapped barriers” which was held in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina between 19 and 29 October 2012, left a deep impression in the mind of a man who hitherto thought he knew a little of different cultures from the surrounding Balkans and Europe. An amazing city with a majestic river, that gathered so much joy and grief in it, became our home for ten days filled with excitement and joy. The second part of the project was centered around the theme of “Intercultural diversity” and aimed to guide the thinking of us – the young people and the future of Europe, to the need of tolerance towards traditionally discriminated in contemporary modern societies ‘different’ population groups (homosexuals, minorities etc .). Through skillful methodology and proper understanding of the process, the leading team was able to provoke discussion of sensitive topics which for some reason today remain being affected among the young people not in a discussion circle, but in the street and in the time of elections, protests, etc. And in order to not left it just as one of the serial shows of Larry King, where issues are discussed without concrete decisions, the ultimate goal of the project was centered around the accumulation of knowledge on how to create a project funded by the European Union and which aims to promote among the young people the meaning of the term “intercultural diversity”. Thus the motto of the project – “Yes, we can change the world”, created by us in the process, was adopted wholeheartedly by all. The working atmosphere was really high with the necessary seriousness by the whole team but when the project reached its decisive phase – a mutual evaluation of proposals generated by the participants themselves, the result of the hard work from the previous days was seen. We all became witnesses of the unique team created by us, which worked like a well-oiled machine with perfectly defined functions. And this unity, I would dare to say, was the result of the great friendships that were formed in a working and informal environment, and that made all it look like child’s game.

Hardly a similar experience can be described in 2-3 lines, even five pages. The training course in Mostar, especially individuals whom I will always associate with its name, turned my stay in the city of Neretva River into a dream. Joy and sorrow go hand in hand … And if we lend each other a hand, as we did in Mostar, then the dream of some better societies based on the notion of “intercultural diversity” can also come true…