”Crime, Youth and Social Services”

“Crime, Youth and Social Services”

Mariela Georgieva

/Bulgarian Youth Forum/

Thanks to Bulgarian Youth Forum I had the great opportunity to participate in “Crime, Youth and Social Services” project in Balikesir, Turkey, which was part of Youth in Action 4.3. It was very interesting to exchange information and ideas about the Bulgarian, Turkish, Romanian and Italian social services for children with deviation. The whole spirit of this conference was very nice and broad-minding. Our Turkish hosts did great job and it was really a pleasure to participate in this project. They also took care to make us familiar with the most important see sights nearby the place of the conference.

It was very interesting to me when we visited two institutions for children with deviation. We visited one institution for children with deviation under age of 12 and one for boys with deviation, aged between 12 and 18. We spent more time in the second one, which was following the family-care-model and I was really impressed by the way they are working and their achievements.

I hope that we will continue our work together, we will keep exchanging our best practices and each team will work for the implementation of these practices in their own country. This project was really inspiring for me. Now, when I am back to my home I keep thinking about this topic and how things can be improved in Bulgarian social system.

I believe all of the participants in this project will take advantage of it and will improve their work with children with deviation.

Thank you B.Y.F.!