”Three words…experience, knowledge, friends…”

“Three words…experience, knowledge, friends…”

 Stanislava Nikolova

/Bulgarian Youth Forum/

Three words…experience, knowledge, friends… These are only part of the things which I got within one week in education “Crime, youth and social service” in Balıkesir, Turkey.

The question with the juvenile crime today is global and very serious problem. The training course which we conducted between 04.11. and 10.11.2012 in Balıkesir, Turkey was entirely devoted to this global problem. Professionals, people who are not professionals and volunteers from four different countries participated in it. Exactly with this target, different people with different culture, with different customs and beliefs, were collected there with a view to discuss, produce and elaborate methods for fight with this problem. We were united of one general cause and we share our views, knowledge and ideas.

If I can describe all of my impressions and my experience from Turkey in a couple of rows… Scarcely… I just can say that I’m very happy of the opportunity which I have to be part of this incredible team. We were in the mountain, isolated from the city’s noise and we succeed to create a cohesive environment, a very nice team and real friendships. Except that we discussed methods for integration and reintegration from the guilty children we were acquainted with the reality in orphanages inTurkey.

I departed for Turkey like a volunteer but a week later I went back in Bulgaria with a lot of new knowledge, new impressions and new worldview. What I experienced and what I learned there revealed to me a new world and new views. While every day we developed and discussed different methods and shared our impressions, views and experience, we socialized and learned many things about each other and this way we succeed to create team which worked like a well-oiled machine.

As a conclusion I just want to say that this experience can’t be described with words and except positive emotions, smiles and friends it gave me faith that worldwide there are many young people who are ready to give each other a hand and assist people who need help. I’m exclusively happy that I was part of this training course and I hope to be part of this team again.