Sharing good practices in  “Crime, youth and social service”

Sharing good practices in  “Crime, youth and social service”

Maria Petkova

/Bulgarian Youth Forum/

What our team and I really went though with this project can not be simply explained with words. Four nations, four cultures, four different opinions in one place – all of us disscussing the problems of crime, youth and social service. Somewhere, near to Balıkesir, Turkey, was the hot spot of now-a-days’ social problems.

The aim of the project was to share good practices, to come up with solution how to prevent youth’s crime, but in my opinion, we got more than that. Beyond the ideas, we realized that our problems have one and the same core – there is no difference between children in Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey or Romania. Actually, the most usefull was that we overthought some of the main principes of social work in a differen way. The methods are the same even though they have different arguments for each country and different appearance in the practice.

By the view of expert, one thing really impressed me – the professor Tiziany’s opinion.  His suggestion of how to handle with human (in our case – child) agression was directly responsing to the multiple inteligence and improvement of the ability to think over and above the situation. Some of his ideas are aplicable to our society also and I am waiting for opportunity to try them.

In a totally different point of view were the situation when we went to the Turkish bird farm for rehabilitation. The main idea there were that every child is part of the nature and the only way to keep it away from crime is to bring him/her back to the nature.

To sum, the project help me to realize that there isn’t good or bad practice – there are practices that work in one country and other which can solve the problem in another. Beyond the variety of ideas, I learnt that we have to keep looking for new approaches, new solutions because there isn’t just one right.