”Look at Europe through my eyes!”

We are happy to announce that between the 8th and the 14th of September 2013 our project LOOK AT EUROPE THROUGH MY EYES! is going to become reality.

This project was developed by a team of BYF members for the European program Youth in Action 3.1.1, it was approved by the National CenterEuropean Youth Programs and Initiatives, and the Belogradchik and Chuprene municipalities have granted most kindly their official support and co-operation for it.

The main topic of the project is the development of youth entrepreneurship and initiative. The intercultural setting that the participants from Bulgaria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Slovakia, and Italy are going to create will inspire them to generate ideas and will contribute to establishing a long-lasting tolerant attitude among them.

The central activities of the project are going to take place in the city of Belogradchik and in the village of Chuprene, while we have planned several tours to natural sights and cultural-historical landmarks of the northwestern part of Bulgaria.

Additional information about LOOK AT EUROPE THROUGH MY EYES! can be found in the “Projects” section of our website.