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Episode 1 – No Online Hate

This is the first episode of the Lead the Way Series produced by BYF Productions. In bulgarian schools online and offline hate is not stopping. Europe’s Antibullying Campaign Project (2012) reveals that the problem with bullying is still a grave… Continue Reading →

New YouTube Channel! Lead the Way

New Video! Check out the first video of my new YouTube series Lead the Way! Telling stories of volunteers carrying out their passion projects. Check it out!

From Ghetto to Paradise. [No More War Festival]

Have you ever imagined an Imám making a call for muslim oration inside a Catholic Christian church? Crazy, right? Well, no need for imagination, because that is exactly what has been happening in a troubled community´s catholic church since 2013…. Continue Reading →

The lost youth (featuring the Macedonians)

What a bunch of good lads. Is interesting how things work out outside our very stable western bubble for the youth. We often forget that things might not be as easy for some people as for others. Is incredible how… Continue Reading →

Pablo Armas

Hi, I am Pablo D. Armas and I am about to launch myself! Well not literally, but I would love to help launch other young people’s ideas to make them reality someday. When I am not traveling or doing something… Continue Reading →

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