I have been spent in Sofia quite a good amount of time, and for sure I have some interesting places to share with you. Regarding food my experience was not the best, but regarding drinks I can say “thumbs up”.


I am not vegan but I do enjoy making good and healthy nutritional choices in my life. Near my place there is one bakery I can for sure recommend and it is called ARTISAN FACTORY.  They make a healthy breads and snacks from different flours. The sandwich on the picture was definitely a hit for my winter, precisely because of the veggies and freshness of it.


For drinks I can recommend RAFFY which you can find pretty easily around Sofia, because it is a huge chain of restaurants so it is hard to miss. 🙂 Generally I prefer non- alcoholic drinks so recently I had a virgin cocktail called “Herby” in THE COCKTAIL BAR.

Regarding coffee choice I recommend BARKA CAFFE because they have a very diverse selection for coffee lovers 🙂


Expect me with more suggestions soon 😉