Initially this soup was a total experiment. I love broccoli, I implement it at least 3-4 times per week not only because it is super nutritious and full of anti-oxidants but as well is delicious if you know how to prepare it 😉

That is why i am giving you this easy recipe. You know you can always change it a bit coz I also do it all the time.

I am a strong believer of learning by doing, so do not be afraid to experiment.

From the ingredients listed in the featured image you start with coping the onion and frying it a bit in the pot where you plan to boil the soup. After 2-3 minutes frying you can add water, the spices, and the chopped and pre-cleaned broccoli.  Let me tell you that broccoli doesn’t need a lot of time to cook, so leave it for around 5-7 minutes to boil.

Put the ingredients in a blender after boiling.

Be careful with your blender, not every blender can hold onto a boiling water (if you think it will break wait a bit for the soup to cool down). Blend and serve! Garnish with seeds and yogurt.